An Impact Resistant Top Cover for a Tennis Orthotic

Posted on 05 Apr 2016

Recently a supplier gave me a sample of a Poron to use as a top cover for my custom foot orthotics. I put the material onto my running orthotics and so far I am impressed. I like the feel of the cushioning and even though it’s thin it does seem to do the trick and not bottom out. Now I’ll put the orthotics through some long runs and see how it wears as my typical top cover lasts for years.

I’ll also let a runner try it on his orthotics to see how they stand up. Here is a link to XRD Poron

I am excited about this development and see this material as an excellent topping for athletic orthotics. The idea is to see how they work with running but I can see this memory cushioning and impact resistance may be great for Tennis Shoes.

Kirk Cook
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