Article from Foot and Ankle Surgery about the Use of High Heels

Posted on 24 Nov 2015

I have to admit I need to do a more thorough read but on the surface this study looks at the relationship of high heels and foot deformities/disease.–4/abstract?utm_source=hootsuite

This article from Foot and Ankle Surgery suggests the association of foot “problems” associated with wearing of high heels may not actually have a direct link. The study concluded that there was no evidence to associated with a reduced foot function or increased foot deformities compared to a control group who did not wear high heels.

What the study did state though there was an increase of foot pain when wearing high heels so it’s not all good news. But I’ll likely state for my patients if they want to wear heels it’s fine but wear them when it’s appropriate and have a back up pair of shoes handy when that pain is a bit too much.

Kirk Cook
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