Big Toe Joint Pain

Posted on 11 Jan 2016

A very short article from News Medical on alleviating big toe joint pain

Essentially this states a good forefoot rocker in a shoe/runner or an over the counter prefabricated insole does alleviate some of the pain associated with the big toe and arthritis.

For me I use a product that is made up of Carbon Fibre and Fibre Glass where it’s heat moldable. I use a mold of the person’s foot then take that insole shape heat it then insert it into the person’s shoe/runner. The insole then conforms to the forefoot shape of the shoe.

This combination allows me give a custom fit, and a firm forefoot rocker that gives the support needed in daily activities and in the more vigorous activity of running. Of note as well this insole that provides a custom forefoot support is about 1.5mm thick and is worn with the existing shoe’s insole.

Kirk Cook
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