Nike Pegasus 35 Turbo

Posted on 27 Aug 2018

The Nike Pegasus Turbo?     Has anyone bought this and has an opinion.  A real expensive runner so I need feedback before the buy.  I am honestly curious if Nike is pushing the limits and leading the shoe industry with this runner. So is it worth it or not. I am an average running […]

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Posted on 09 Jun 2016

Some advice from a Certified Pedorthist (Canada) on how to choose a better heel during “heel season” Thinking about the article I do like the advice of going after natural softer materials that are not as likely to “fight” the foot and just try and get as good a fit possible. Also a good […]

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Managing Hallux Limitus and Rigidus

Posted on 25 May 2016

Article online from LER on how best to manage the Hallux Limitus & Rigidus. The takeaway I have from the article is how first that footwear should be looked at and it is a vital component on managing the hallux. As the article stated soft footwear and a hard playing surface are tough on […]

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SOLE Response and Ultra Mouldable Insoles

Posted on 27 Apr 2016

As of right now I am able to provide patients who visit me at my clinic at Sport Manitoba the SOLE mouldable insoles. If you do not need a custom insole but still need that bit of support not found in your footwear you may benefit from the Response which fits into most […]

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An Impact Resistant Top Cover for a Tennis Orthotic

Posted on 05 Apr 2016

Recently a supplier gave me a sample of a Poron to use as a top cover for my custom foot orthotics. I put the material onto my running orthotics and so far I am impressed. I like the feel of the cushioning and even though it’s thin it does seem to do the trick and […]

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Socks and Jogger’s Toe

Posted on 11 Jan 2016

Interesting article from Podiatry Today Long story short they think the blacken toes one gets at times during running can caused by a number of things but one of the causes can be the sock but specifically the wrong size or even right size sock. The article suggests one pull up on the sock […]

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