Managing Hallux Limitus and Rigidus

Posted on 25 May 2016

Article online from LER on how best to manage the Hallux Limitus & Rigidus.

The takeaway I have from the article is how first that footwear should be looked at and it is a vital component on managing the hallux. As the article stated soft footwear and a hard playing surface are tough on the 1stMTPJ.

After the footwear then it’s the idea on how an orthoses can help manage the hallux pain/function. I agree that meeting the arch with the orthotic is ideal that is achieved with an over the counter or a custom insole. But as well since most people put up with the pain their hallux limitus can couple with hallux valgus which then may make a morton’s extension a good idea as that may help the person or the athlete.

Essentially at times it’s trial and error as the athlete wants the orthotic to be as low a profile as possible, as light as possible but the ideal orthotic has to be a bit more bulky then desired. I use a step approach of first good footwear, then determine if an over the counter is effective, then start working on a custom and what features that device would need to help the patient.

Kirk Cook
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